My name is Antonio. I’m 58. I have three sons. My oldest son, Daniel, is 33, my middle son, Andrew, is 26, and my youngest son, Kevin, is 24. Daniel is a pharmacist and has a daughter, Karen, who is almost 5. Andrew is studying to be a chemist and should be finishing up his doctorate in the next year or so. And Kevin is training to be a professional chef.

I was a laborer for more than thirty-five years, and while it wasn’t the easiest work to do, it was satisfying. I retired recently and have been spending a lot of time catching up with my hobbies. One of my hobbies is reading. I have a library full of books that I’ve collected over the years, and even more books stashed away in my basement. There are piles of them. I’ve been trying to get through them ever since my retirement.

I also really like the outdoors. We used to take my sons camping a lot, and they saw a lot of the national parks. One of the things I’d really like to do is to finish visiting all of the national parks. Some of my favorite outdoor activities include fishing and hiking. When I was younger I used to really like winter sports, and I still do these sometimes. Ice fishing and snowshoeing were two of my favorite winter sports to engage in. Sometimes I will still go on cross-country skiing jaunts. But more often than not when it gets cold, you can find me spending time in my backyard or in my son’s backyard, helping my granddaughter build her very own snowman.


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